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Worst Airline: United

United sucks

America's Worst Airline

It does matter who you fly and you usually have a choice! On a recent business trip one leg of the flight home was with United. United cancelled. Not because of any reasonably sane reason like weather or mechanical issues, but rather because they apparently sold the “landing rights” for my flight. After having initially made the committment to get me from A to B, they later changed their mind and tried to push me out to a flight a day later. No wonder they top the list of America’s Worst Airlines and even America’s Worst Businesses. I have heard from several friends who had United issues, seems to be a universal experience.

Fortunately, American Airlines took great care of me and I made it home. I can not say enough good things about American. I will never attempt to use United for anything ever again.

AM Radio


Listen to the AM Radio...




I occasionally enjoy AM Radio or Talk Radio.  Although I do not always agree with the politics, or the other view points, I find some of the hosts truly entertaining.  Some of these hosts are entertainers who became political forces, some of them are just entertainers.  There are some local personalities on KLBJ and KAMXthat cover Austin news pretty well.




Despite the often entertaining and usually well-informed hosts, Talk Radio has one big problem that prevents me from really enjoying: The Callers.

Long before Joe Wilson’s Outburst the quality of discourse in this country was already in the gutter from both sides.  It seems to me that many of the people with both the time and the inclination to call into Talk Radio shows are empty headed boobs, and that they add nothing to the discussion.  Does Talk Radio need better call screeners?  Do Talk Radio hosts need to take fewer calls?  All the people calling in with nothing to say, looking the hear their own voices, make me turn it off. Are there people out there who actually enjoy listening to these callers? Or is it just all these bad callers who enjoy listening to each other?