The Odessey

Eleven years ago today, RS married me.


The Party: A cowboy with some doctors and lawyers and stuff

The conclusion of the ceremonies marked the beginning of several new Odysseys, but first let us review the sound pieces of marital advice I received:

  • The good things get better, and the bad things get worse…
  • From this point forward you choose: you may be happy or you may be right,
    but you will never be both again…

  • There’s a great future in plastics! Think about it. Will you think about it?

The advice was mostly good, and I’m really glad that is hasn’t Gotten Way Worse.

Our Honeymoon

Honey Moon

~4000 miles: seeing America from a Corolla

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Son, Brother, Husband, Father… amateur daddy blogger. Native Texan. Also formerly of Virginia, New York, Georgia and North Carolina.

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