July’s Epic

July 2011

The Family Epic
(A)E - Round Rock
B - Dalton
C - Durham
D - New Orleans

I like to drive.  Early this July we traveled ~3000 miles in the VW Bus; family reunion and visiting with friends.  An excellent trip.

Texas is huge

Texas is huge

One of my favorite spots: on I-10 West shortly after you cross the border into Texas you are provided a clear reminder of how big Texas really is.

We saw lots of things on this trip, including a nasty People of Walmart sighting, and some poor folks who had a bad day with their U-Haul… reminds me of all the fun with the Durham bridge.

Bad Haul

Random U-Haul with the roof torn off

In case you didn’t know already, Metal Chickens are all the rage right now!

Metal Chicken


Metal Chickens

I Love Lawn Art

New Orleans, The Big Easy, is back! Maybe not 100% but certainly a destination worth returning to. We saw lots of tourists, and where we had once found mud-covered blight we found newly built housing. Glad to see it!

Cafe du Monde


New Orleans


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Son, Brother, Husband, Father… amateur daddy blogger. Native Texan. Also formerly of Virginia, New York, Georgia and North Carolina.

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  1. oh hai! that is a verrrry cute baby!

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